• When is the best time to use beard oil?

    Apply after washing, showering or bathing and towel drying.  Even better if the beard and skin are warm as the pores will be open and the oils will be easily absorbed. After you’ve applied all the oil from you hands, brush or comb though and style as usual

  • How do I apply the beard oil
    Using the pipette apply about 4 – 6 drops of oil in the hand, rub both hands together and apply all the way throughout the beard including the skin to moisturise and protect.
  • How can beard oil help the skin?

    The oils in out beard oils are high in vitamin E which is nourishing , soothing and easily absorbed.  They are great for moisturising the skin and the action of massaging them into the face increases blood flow which helps condition the skin and reduces irritation. Our oils have been carefully selected for their calming, antiseptic and antioxidant properties which also means they are great for the skin.

  • Can I use it on a short beard as well as a long one?
    You can use EBOC beard oils on  any length of beard. Even a short beard needs looking after.
  • Why should I use a beard oil?

    The beard hair can get very dry and look untamed and straggly. A beard oil smooths and moisturises the hair to make it softer and easier to comb. It also keeps stray hairs under control and gives a more groomed look.

  • What makes EBOC beard oils unique?

    The English beard Oil Company Oils are hand blended and poured in the UK. We use the highest quality essential oils in a base of Coconut, Jojoba and Vitamin E oil. EBOC oils contains a host of naturally derived vitamins, gamma linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin and hair. The natural humectants and naturally derived emollients restore moisture levels and will leave your beard conditioned and skin feeling smooth.

  • I have acne (bad skin) – won’t beard oil make my skin worse?

    On the contrary – The English Beard Oil Company uses a unique, natural oil base which is a blend of jojoba, coconut oils with added  vitamin E.  These oils are known as ‘dry oils’ – they are light and absorb easily into the skin and do not clog pores.  Jojoba is chemically very close to your skin’s natural oil (sebum) so it conditions the skin in the most natural way.

  • What is Beard Oil

    The English beard Oil Company Oils are hand blended and poured in the UK with a base of Coconut, Jojoba and Vitamin E oil and scented with a blend of essential oils. All our oils have been tried and tested on all on a number of different beards, long short, tough and soft to make sure that your beard benefits from the softening, moisturising benefits of the blend. Our are great for all skin types including sensitive, although we do recommend that if you do have particularly sensitive skin then maybe do a small patch test as all skin types react differently.


    Our beard Oils are not to be used internally and kept out of reach from children

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